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What to read first?

“So which one of your books should I try first?” That is a question Sherry hears frequently, when she meets new readers in person. The question always brings a pang of anxiety, because a thousand readers can have a thousand different reactions to the same book. It is impossible to predict whether the combination of a particular reader with a particular book will yield soul-searing love or its exact opposite.

That said, Sherry will gamely attempt to match your needs with something on her list. Does any of the following match your situation?

  • You have stumbled across this website and now figure you might as well leave with a new title to try.
  • Claiming the Duchess

    Claiming the Duchess is a six-thousand-word free short story. (By comparison, Sherry’s full-length novels run from sixty-five to ninety-five thousand words.) You can probably finish it in the time it takes you to eat a sandwich for lunch. The time investment is small, the cost is zero, and you can get some idea whether you might like to read more of her stuff.

  • You would like to know which book is Sherry’s go-to romance recommendation.
  • The Luckiest Lady in London

    The Luckiest Lady in London met with a reception that quite floored Sherry. It got on best-of-the-year lists put out by Kirkus Reviews and National Public Radio. Readers of All About Romance voted it their favorite title of 2013. And it was lovingly reviewed in the New York Times. Nothing is a sure bet but this is probably as close as you can get with one of Sherry’s romances.

  • You have heard Sherry also writes YA but are not sure you are completely ready for it.
  • The Burning Sky

    The Burning Sky is set in England of the 1880s and features a romance that deals with betrayal, heartbreak, and the slow rebuilding of trust. Sounds familiar? It should. Everything you like about a Sherry Thomas romance is in here in spades. So jump in and have fun.

  • You have heard Sherry also writes historical romance but are not sure you are completely ready for it.
  • The Hidden Blade

    The Hidden Blade is a historical YA that leads into My Beautiful Enemy. A gentle introduction, that. The Hidden Blade also happens to be Sherry’s best-reviewed work on Amazon. So there is that too.